am i cute yet
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askblogs <—— name, enter that in join chatroom, and click auto join on startup :)

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All the owners of these askchampions should post their summoner name. Cute cute :3 Whoregina

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askthemaven said: Timid would be she as she readied herself to ask such a question. Well try and ask, due to the little fact she could talk. Perhaps like most of the time, people would understand her "vibe" and know what she wanted. Oh Miss Fortune, teach me to be sexy so that I can woo a certain blind man. Of course the body was there, but the demeanor was calm not "fierce" like the other female in this conversation. x3

Sona my dear <3 My tips on how to be as sexy as can be would have to be…

- Strut what you’ve got for as long as you can.

- Show some skin.

- Get into some of the male’s interests. ( Mine would have to be shooting shock and awe )

- Be as flirtatious as can be.

- & try to lane with the male you admire as much as possible.

P.s. I heard from a little parrot that he who can’t see anything is looking for a doll who has a deficiency like his own. Maybe a mute perhaps? :)

Goodluck my dear <3 

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Anonymous said: Why hearts coming out your butt when you run? ((~greetings from askyorick))

That’s how I strut ;)

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hound-of-fenris said: Have you tried using orange scent cologne for attracting certin citrus addict?

Omg! Nooo, maybe I should try :)

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Look who I found :P

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askkennen said: Can I have a low five? I don't think I can reach your arms ._.

Hahah i want a high five tho D: ill just crouch down :)

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Maybe all these, “askchampions” should start putting their builds up 0.0 especially if we main them :P yes? no?

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horizonwalker said: Hello! Who is your worst enemy?! Besides Gangplank.

Katarina -.-

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